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Country focus

PKF China Desk:
Support for Sino-German Business Cooperation

For more and more Chinese investors, Europe and especially Germany has become an important economic area. This creates new challenges for Chinese companies investing in Germany and Europe, as well as for local companies collaborating with Chinese investors.

To ensure a successful cooperation, it is essential to have a local partner who is familiar with the requirements of the German market and at the same time understands and deals with the challenges for both, the Chinese companies in Germany and the Sino-German business cooperation.

PKF Fasselt Schlage is committed to helping foreign companies to be successful in Germany. Our special expertise is to provide services to Chinese companies planning to invest in Germany or already having done so. Furthermore, we provide support to companies who are cooperating with Chinese investors − whether it be in Germany, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan Europe or worldwide. In this process we can offer a broad range of services under one roof to all business parties.

Our HR managers, IT specialists, German puplic accountants, certified tax advisors, lawyers and business consultants are by your side at all times ready to help you, from the establishment of the initial contact with potential investment partners along the merger and acquisition processes to the successful development of business activities. 

For more information about economic, tax and legal environment for doing business in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or in Germany, please read our brochures from the PKF publication series „Doing Business in ...".

International PKF China Symposium

From May 15 to 16, 2017, the International PKF China Symposium took place in the office rooms of PKF Fasselt Schlage in Duisburg.


Our China Desk at PKF Fasselt Schlage regularly organises events specifically for Chinese businesses and investors on the topics of tax, law and HR management.

Beyond that, PKF Fasselt Schlage is engaged in a Sino-German economic exchange and actively participates in numerous activities both in Germany and in China.

Information on past events can be found here.

PKF sponsors Chinese soccer camp
Duisburg, 20.07 - 01.08.2017

Establishment of the China Business Network e.V.
Duisburg, 20.12.2016

PKF strengthens relations with Chinese investors
Duisburg, 03.11.2016

PKF participates in offical delegates' journey to China
China, 08.-14.10.2016

PKF China Desk at the Business and Investors Forum China 2016
Cologne, 02.09.2016

PKF China Forum (Duisburg-China Business Networking Forum 2016)
Duisburg, 06.06.2016

PKF Fasselt Schlage sponsors Chinese Spring Festival
Duisburg, 29.01.2016

Business and Investors Forum China 2017

PKF Fasselt Schlage participates in the Business and Investors Forum China 2017.


PKF China-Talk

On 26 September 2017, the first PKF China Talk on the topic "staff deployment from a fiscal perspective" took place.


PKF China Forum 2017 in Beijing

From 7 to 8 September 2017, the International PKF China Forum took place in Beijing.


PKF in Hong Kong · Shenzhen

PKF Shenzhen supports cross-border business between Hong Kong and China and aims at providing one-stop services to overseas and Chinese clients.

Currently, more than 180 staff are working in the PKF Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices. For further information please refer to the company brochure.

Company Brochure PKF Hong Kong · Shenzhen