Worldwide presence

Your local partner at PKF can draw on the expertise of 18,500
partners and assistant consultants in 150 countries through close,
reliable collaboration in the international PKF network.

Worldwide activities

Fast and efficient handling of international
consolidated annual final statement audits and projects
through intensive exchange among our partners.

Global network

International consulting from one and the same network:
your local partner provides you with the full potential
of an international network

Close by

Present where we're needed, with a personable
communication style, using well-established teams
to develop solutions: reliability is our ambition. 

Achieving more together

PKF Fasselt Schlage is one of Germany’s leading medium-sized auditing and consulting firms. We are an independently operated, partner-managed firm and our assignment partners are committed to the provision of broad-based personal consulting services.

At PKF we offer a full range of outstanding professional services in the fields of finance, business and taxation, both for corporations and individuals. From a single source we provide our clients with all the auditing and consulting services they require to ensure their future success.

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