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Advice on company and inheritance law issues

For the planning of management succession and asset succession, the questions regularly arise as to what the structure of the company is to look like in the future, how the influence of the family is to remain secure, what arrangements for donations and inheritance contracts are advisable. Besides legal, tax-related and business management aspects, at the same time family-related points of view are also to be considered. Therefore a customised conception is worked out which is tailored exactly to your needs.

We have had many years of extensive experience in the structuring of family-owned companies or the setting-up of foundations. In this context, our partners support you from conception to implementation and in the case of complex issues fall back on a team of specialists.

Inheritance tax

Due to the changes to inheritance tax law, new structuring opportunities have arisen which envisage exemptions in the event of the continuation of the company. In this case we advise you on tax-optimised structuring and support you with implementation.

For that we provide you with the interdisciplinary consulting approach with which the right concepts and structures for you can be created. Our consulting service therefore embraces, besides fiscal law, naturally the main civil law questions of inheritance law, family law and company law. Above all, however, we would like you and your families to find perfectly tailor-made solutions viable for a long time.

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