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Strategies across generations

Bundled consulting for long-term and multi-generational strategies is a main area of our approach to consulting for family-owned companies. As partners thinking like entrepreneurs we know what challenges the passing-on of responsibility to the next generation poses for the family and the company. Organising this transition in a structured process is the core of our consulting task. It combines tax-related specialist know-how and legal expertise and is hence able to work out concepts which secure the company’s future and at the same time harmonise the interests of shareholders and families.

For the planning of management succession and asset succession, the questions regularly arise as to what the structure of the company is to look like in the future, how the influence of the family is to remain secure, what arrangements for donations and inheritance contracts are advisable. Besides legal, tax-related and business management aspects, at the same time family-related points of view are also to be considered. Therefore a customised conception is worked out which is tailored exactly to your needs.

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