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Will coronavirus cause the home office to become a permanent establishment?

In view of the global pandemic, in some cases, employees are working exclusively from a home office (HO). If an employee lives in another country then […]


OECD guidance on the coronavirus implications for transfer pricing

It is essential for businesses that operate internationally to continuously examine the transfer pricing rules. New situations such as, in particular, […]


Non-financial reporting – Rising importance in the context of sustainable finance

Non-financial reporting is growing in importance in the public perception of annual reporting by companies. The coronavirus pandemic and climate […]


On the horizon – The modernisation of German partnership law

The revision of German partnership law has been on the political agenda for a long time already. Now, however, the first milestone has been achieved – […]


Adaptation of rental payments due to COVID-19-induced measures

To mitigate business closures during the pandemic, German lawmakers have decided to bolster the negotiation options of commercial tenants and lessees. […]


Classification under employment law of crowdworkers in the case of control methods typical for employees

The term crowdworkers refers to workers who take on assignments that are made available to a group of people (crowd). The assignments are generally […]


Pension provisions – Salary sacrifice arrangements where there is a sole shareholding managing director

The recognition of a pension provision requires a salary sacrifice within the meaning of the Occupational Pensions Improvement Act (Gesetz zur […]


Corporate advertising on private cars – When do employees (not) have to pay tax on the money they receive?

If employers pay employees to advertise on their private cars then they do not necessarily have to pay tax on the payments they receive. The crucial […]


Foreign currency transactions – Currency hedging gains may be almost tax-free

Cross-border transactions with companies outside of the eurozone normally have an inherent currency risk. To reduce this currency risk, currency […]


The 2020 Annual Tax Act – Important changes trelating to various types of tax and the tightening of criminal law for tax offences

On 18.12.2020, the Bundesrat (upper house of the German parliament) approved the 2020 Annual Tax Act. Its aim is to continue to alleviate the burdens […]

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