Independent, thorough and comprehensive audit

As a medium-sized auditing company, we have been working for 90 years to ensure confidence in the economy and capital markets, in annual and consolidated financial statements. 

We stand for efficient, digital and modern audit processes, personalised support and highly qualified, committed and agile audit teams. Through our work, we create transparency and thereby strengthen trust and security between companies, stakeholders and the public.

Versatile expertise and extensive specialist knowledge

Our audit teams deliver high-quality, analytically orientated audits, which they carry out independently, objectively and professionally at regional, national and international level. In addition to comprehensive qualifications, our partner-led teams also have wide-ranging industry experience and extensive specialised knowledge of complex accounting processes.

Digital expertise and IT-supported audit approaches

We see ourselves as equal partners and aim to understand your company in its entirety - our basis for customised audit processes and successful collaboration. We also gain valuable insights that we share with you and that offer you added value for your operational and strategic decisions. A high level of digital expertise and IT-supported audit approaches round off our understanding of service: automation and AI help to optimise processes and, in combination with human experience, increase audit assurance.

Our audit services