More companies affected in future

The Corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD) stipulates that in future, significantly more companies will be obliged to report on their sustainability activities than in the past.

In accordance with the CSRD, these companies must disclose non-financial information in the management report, which is also subject to audit. The European sustainability standards (ESRS) have specified the CSRD and thus created a mandatory framework for sustainability reporting that ensures better comparability and transparency of sustainability reports.

Significant expansion of the user group

In particular, the CSRD significantly expands the group of users. Whereas previously only large capital market-oriented companies and some banks and insurance companies were required to submit a non-financial declaration or prepare a non-financial report, the group of users is now being extended to include all large corporations and equivalent commercial partnerships. This means that an estimated 15,000 companies in Germany will be required to report in future. The first reporting period in accordance with the new standards will begin on January 1, 2025 for large corporations that have a financial year with the same calendar year, and correspondingly later in calendar year 2025 for companies with a different financial year.

Sustainability reporting: an opportunity for your company

In addition to the legal obligation, sustainability reporting opens up numerous opportunities for companies: It enables them to position themselves positively in the public eye, secure their business model, strengthen customer loyalty and acquisition, increase their attractiveness as an employer and exploit the potential in the area of green finance.

Member of the IDW working group "CSRD and ESRS"  

We support you in meeting the regulatory requirements while keeping the interests of your stakeholders in mind. Effective reporting processes with sufficient documentation are required for data collection, which we design together with you. In doing so, we always aim to achieve audit assurance. Our CSR competence team has focused on sustainability reporting since the very beginning of developments at EU level. We are constantly expanding our expertise and are represented in the "CSRD and ESRS" working group of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW). We support our clients in all projects relating to sustainability reporting right from the start.

Precise coordination of regulatory requirements

We tailor regulatory requirements precisely to your company, regardless of whether it is an individual company, a group of companies, a medium-sized enterprise or the public sector. From scoping the requirements of the user group to the disclosure of the first report, we support you and contribute our expertise to the implementation project. We work together in multidisciplinary teams consisting of our CSR specialists, auditors, tax consultants, lawyers, engineers and IT specialists. This enables us to offer you a broad range of services in the context of sustainability reporting consulting, coupled with specialized industry knowledge.

Your advantages

You benefit from our specialized expertise in the field of sustainability reporting: we know the legislation and the intricacies and requirements and will be happy to guide you on your way to your first sustainability report.

A central point of contact for your company who knows the specifics of your industry and your company: By deploying industry experts, we offer you a support service that is individually tailored to your needs.

We scale our support services to your individual needs, from a sparring approach to an all-round carefree package, and offer you a wide range of services.

We guide you through the regulatory jungle with a portfolio of practice-oriented workshops and suitable tool applications developed in-house. We support you with the right documentation so that it can withstand any audit.

In addition to supporting the implementation of the sustainability reporting process, we offer training courses for various groups of employees, supervisory bodies and management boards to provide them with the knowledge they need.

We are also happy to support you after the implementation of sustainability reporting processes. This ensures that you are always up to date and can react to changes in the legal framework in good time.