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PKF Fasselt HR On-Site

Our subsidiary company PKF Fasselt HR On-Site GmbH offers a unique combination of the cost and efficiency advantages of outsourced HR services with the quality advantages of an internal HR department.

PKF Fasselt HR On-Site supports your operation by establishing a fully functional HR department at your place of business. Our seasoned HR professionals have a diverse range of industry experience and can ensure the effective support of your company’s personnel. Through them, we are able to minimize your risks while increasing your bottom line.

Personnel Administration & Care

Personnel administration and care are the foundations of a successful human resources department. Our HR professionals will provide specific care to your employees and their individual circumstances, but that alone is not enough.

Effective personnel administration requires the accurate collection of data and information to aid in corporate decision-making. Our advanced IT systems allow us to keep track of all relevant personnel data in order to save you time and money and make it easier to run your business.

Payroll Accounting

Germany’s ever-changing legislative landscape can pose significant payroll accounting challenges for your business. Social insurance and income tax requirements demand both knowledge of all current regulations and a trained eye for detail.

Our certified accounting systems and highly qualified payroll accountants will help to mitigate your risk by ensuring that you remain compliant with regulations and will guarantee that your employees are always paid correctly and on time.

Management Processes

For HR departments, sustainable success means preserving and creating value in the long run. In order to accomplish your corporate goals, your HR department must implement target-oriented measures and efficient resource planning. Our modern HR management methods, which include advanced HR IT systems as well as expert HR specialists, will help you employ a tested and verified set of best-practice solutions to ensure your company’s success.

Recruiting Processes

All companies, especially those operating abroad, must confront the challenges of hiring staff. A well-selected and qualified workforce is critical to the success of your company. As our industries have become more complex, so have the requirements of personnel recruitment. Failure to plan and carry out due diligence can lead to costly risks for your operation.

We optimize your personnel acquisitions by taking over the recruiting process and carrying out complete candidate administration in order to staff your business with the best and most qualified personnel.

HR Development

We define personnel development as the targeted use of resources and responsibility in order to promote corporate growth through structured learning and positive reinforcement. Developing your employees’ skills and qualifications ensures that they will be able to meet the current and future demands of your business and cope with oncoming challenges.

We will work with you to develop and implement personnel development strategies, and we will take over the unique training requirements of your business.

Intercultural Management

In order to truly understand each other, employees must do more than simply speak the same language. To meet the demands of our increasingly global economy, your company must acknowledge and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds that make up your workforce.

Intercultural mediation helps to achieve higher levels of mutual respect and understanding, which in turn lead to different ways of thinking and acting. This process also helps to build up long-term relationships by paving the way for productive collaboration between employees of all backgrounds. In that way, intercultural mediation is truly the basis of a stable business relationship.

We design customized intercultural programming to meet the needs of your company. Our instruction, materials, and strategies will help bring your employees closer together for building a more effective workplace.

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