Diversity. Passion. Performance.

We are diverse, we are colourful - and we love it! And we know that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. As One-Team, we rely on the power of collaboration and value our community just as much as the individuality of our employees - on the job and beyond. Whether as PKF Fasselt or as a member of our global PKF community, our passion for our work is what drives us to continuously improve our service offering.


Interdisciplinary teams that take your company forward in the long term.

Our teams are interdisciplinary, agile and experienced. Over 160 auditors, tax advisors and lawyers work hand in hand with us as specialists with individual professional expertise and an interdisciplinary understanding of our clients' entire business model. This enables us to form customised teams and solutions for your specific task, efficiently and cost-consciously. The diversity of disciplines, coupled with experience and continuity, is what characterises the high quality of our services. 

Dialogue. Teamwork. Network.