Energy industry in transition

The energy industry is undergoing a profound transformation process.

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The expansion of renewable energies, the goal of climate neutrality and the associated aim of phasing out grid-based natural gas supplies as well as the use of new energy sources and new technologies are changing the entire value chain, from generation to energy distribution and sales. The legal and regulatory framework conditions are constantly changing. Repeated external (price) shocks are an additional challenge for market players - local authorities, municipal utilities, network operators and energy-intensive industries.

Multidisciplinary expertise for the energy industry

Our auditing and consulting services for the dynamic energy sector offer you more than just figures. We understand the complexity of the industry and know the particular challenges your company faces. Our multidisciplinary, well-coordinated energy team helps you to maintain an overview, identify opportunities and risks in order to develop your business areas sustainably and achieve entrepreneurial goals.

We set ourselves the goal of providing the right answers and concepts to your questions. We see this as our contribution to overcoming a wide range of challenges and to the success of the demanding transformation process.

Franklin Hünger, Managing Partner PKF Fasselt 

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