Digitalisation is not the only thing changing the trade sector

Rapid digitalisation is currently shaping the development of retail companies. It offers existing companies new opportunities and opens up space for new business models for young entrepreneurs.

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The world of trade has always been colourful. Traders are active in the most diverse regions, trade in the most diverse products and supply the most diverse customers. But what unites traders? They are always at the forefront when new opportunities are utilised and new markets opened up. And they appreciate the direct approach; endless coordination loops are rarely found in successful retail companies. Traders also demand this flexibility and speed from their business partners and consultants.

Interdisciplinary teams offer special industry expertise

PKF Fasselt has many years of special expertise in auditing and advising trade companies. Our clients include not only large trade groups, but also numerous owner-managed medium-sized wholesale and retail companies. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, our teams are made up of auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and IT consultants, as required.

In addition to auditing individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) and IFRS, we also offer comprehensive tax and business consulting services. We have extensive experience in the valuation of companies, the performance of due diligence, advice in connection with IT systems, the conversion of accounting to IFRS and tax structuring advice.

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