We offer private individuals and family offices customised, independent and objective advice on asset structuring.

Our expertise covers far more than just tax issues. We provide you with comprehensive advice on national and international asset and succession planning, foundation matters and other legal issues.

A solid foundation for your financial plans

In our advice, we focus on securing your assets, the long term, sustainability and your individual priorities with the aim of creating a solid foundation for your financial plans. As a bank-independent advisory company, we analyse your asset situation and develop the optimal asset structure for you, your family and/or your philanthropic endeavours. Our advisory concept includes a comprehensive survey and analysis of the current situation as well as regular monitoring of results and, if necessary, adjustment of strategies.

Questions from our private wealth planning

  • How are my assets currently structured?
  • Are my assets structured sensibly?
  • How do I legalise/repatriate untaxed assets?
  • How will my assets and liabilities develop over the next few years?
  • What risks are there for the assets?
  • What are the financial consequences of illness, disability, need for care or death?
  • How do I protect my private assets against business, tax and/or other financial risks (keyword: asset protection)?
  • How will a marriage or divorce affect my assets?

Tailor-made strategies

We work with you to develop individual strategies and scenarios that are precisely tailored to your personal situation and your specific concerns. This includes, for example, the conception of sustainable asset management, a foundation concept or a family code of conduct. We consider both opportunities and risks and take a close look at tax and legal aspects.