The needs of family businesses are individual and diverse. We focus on the special requirements when advising you: we look at your family business as a whole. 

For an optimal strategic orientation, tax and auditing issues are just as important as the interests of the shareholders. Our partner-led teams provide support on complex issues such as family governance, tax advice and succession in order to develop customised solutions for your family business.

Mastering challenges together

As your partner, we offer you the quality of advice you need for your family business. We tackle the challenges - such as maintaining management and ownership structures or the long-term survival of the family business - together in our collaboration. We offer you well thought-out solutions and ideas on how to connect the generations in the professional and private spheres of family, business and ownership. Together we pursue one goal: mastering current challenges and developing the future of your family business.

We advise your family business on a long-term basis and with a long-term perspective. Our team of experienced consultants offers you the range of services that best supports your strategic orientation.

Gisa Johannes, Partner at PKF Fasselt

Our services for family-owned businesses