Tax advice for private individuals

Tax advice for private individuals is a central area of our advisory services. In addition to determining income and making declarations to the tax authorities, the focus here is on the tax optimisation of asset decisions from a tax perspective.

Private portfolio decisions should always be made for the long term. Reliable capital growth and sustainable asset accumulation are key issues. It is always crucial to find customised, cross-generational solutions for you and your family.

Forward-looking design concepts

Our specialists advise you on investment decisions and develop concepts for your private wealth planning. We examine your investments and expected returns in the property sector, your involvement in the capital market or your personal pension provision from a tax perspective and provide you with meaningful calculations and planning principles.

Asset succession is an important topic. We advise you in the interests of tax-optimised structuring: from inheritance tax optimisation to the establishment of family companies in which assets are pooled and managed from a single source, through to the establishment of a foundation.

The personal advice provided by your contact person can be expanded at any time by an interdisciplinary team with the appropriate co-operation partners. In addition to tax law issues, you can of course also discuss and clarify all key civil law issues relating to inheritance law, family law and company law with these experts.

Our range of services around private tax returns

  • Preparation of annual income tax returns (including using Datev Meine Steuern)
  • Advance calculations
  • Tax optimisation advice
  • Family office
  • Freelancers (preparation of profit calculation)
  • Tax report
  • Recording securities portfolio